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Naomi Moland

Naomi Moland is a PhD candidate in International Education at New York University, and also teaches in the Education Studies department of Eugene Lang College, The New School. She received her B.A. in Anthropology from Tufts University, and her M.Ed. from Arizona State University. After teaching Mexican immigrants in public schools for five years, Moland began her doctorate to examine issues of multicultural education and immigrant integration in other countries. She has since conducted research on how schools teach diverse students in Spain, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Nigeria. Her dissertation investigates how the Nigerian version of Sesame Street (an American educational television program) has been adapted into the Nigerian context, and how the program teaches about intergroup tolerance and national unity. This research examines the global diffusion of ideas such as “diversity” and “tolerance” and how such concepts may be understood differently in countries with varying socio-historical contexts.