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Robin Finlay

Robin Finlay is a doctoral candidate in human geography at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. For his undergraduate degree he studied Spanish and Tourism studies at Northumbria University and was awarded a first class honours. He went on to a study an MA in cultural tourism development before being awarded a 1+3 ESRC doctoral studentship at Newcastle University. Robin was awarded a distinction for his MA in human geography research and is now in his second year of his PhD. His doctoral project principally aims to explore how the Moroccan diaspora produces and interprets urban space in Granada, Spain, and subsequently, how the spatiality of Granada impacts on their social practices, senses of belonging and identity. Robin has a long running interest in Spanish society and culture, with a specific passion for the southern Spanish city of Granada. He spent eleven months studying interpretation and translation at the University of Granada in 2006, and this period ignited his interest with diaspora communities and diversity in Spain and Granada. Robin’s core research interests include: geographies of diasporas & transnationalism, cultural and social urban geographies, ‘race’ and ethnicity, geographies of heritage, memory and nostalgia, and Spanish cultural studies. He also has a keen interest in social, spatial and postcolonial theory.